Small businesses - car wash

The popularity of car washes as the idea of ??private enterprise dates back to the 90s, when support programs have been small business loans the Bank - and among them there were plenty of similar projects. Since then, the car wash is still on the crest of a wave, along with beauty, e-shops and cafes.

Of course, if the business is popular, you can not do without the competition. However, in this area need not fear that you take away the clientele - enough for all. Sales of cars, including car loans due to grow with each passing day, and at the same time, if every owner washes his "swallow" at least once a month, yet the city car wash barely cope with the load.
Advantages of car wash areas is real and obvious:
  •     a reliable and highly liquid investments;
  •     does not require special vocational education;
  •     high profitability (return on investment through 2.5-3 years);
  •     opportunities for business expansion.

The disadvantages, too it is no secret:

  •     problem with getting the land for rent (short or long), to participate in the auction;
  •     complex process of coordination of the project (more than 60 instances), as well as delays to the construction;
  •     procedures need to connect to the water supply and electricity.

As for the disadvantages, there is one remark: it is possible to simplify the process if you can not find land to rent, and a ready room, with the best real estate company. In this case it is necessary to coordinate conversion of the premises in a car wash, but difficulties arise is still less.

For all primary spending needed capital, and finding his way for a long time defined: if not of his own money, have to find to take loans from friends, receive a loan or find a partner investor. Bank credit can be taken as an individual or as legal. The second option, that is, it is a business project that is unlikely. In your case the loan is characterized by high risk, so he created a 100% reserve for possible losses - and that additional costs for the bank. In addition, loan applications are considered primarily on the basis of financial statements submitted to the tax office - which means a balance sheet, profit and loss account. And the balance you have at the moment of start-up will probably be zero.

As regards the aid fund for lending to small businesses can say with full confidence that his support would not come.

If the money was found, it's time to look for a suitable location (preferably an area where people live full, or it contains industrial / leisure facilities, plus not many competitors). Then try to determine the type of machine, which you will serve - under it, you'll spend working on the car wash equipment. Finally, there comes the time of the first version of a business plan (evaluation of financial, marketing, business plan and regulatory framework) and the working draft.

Having defined the capital and the type of machine, choose a version of the car wash. They come in manual, automatic, combined, is admissible as usual self. On the manual version, and the more money spent on self-less, but count the bandwidth of such a washing and make sure it is small, and therefore the lower will be your income and ability to compete with competitors.
The initial cash investment in the car wash are divided into:
  •     The cost of leasing, construction, connection to water and electricity and registration as a legal entity.
  •     Expenditures for the purchase of equipment and shop accessories.
  •     Recruitment.
  •     Construction of the office telephone system, Internet.
  •     Mandatory spending on advertising.

Monthly costs:

  •     Rental.
  •     Salaries of employees.
  •     Accounting support.
  •     Maintenance of equipment.
  •     Utilities.
  •     The subscription fee for telephone and Internet.
  •     Advertising (available every month).
  •     Contributions to state structures.

Despite the demand for car washes, not too lazy to regularly pay close attention to customer base (you can buy the software). After all, repeat customers are the key to successful development prospects of your business.