Online store: Price idea for a novice businessman

Another video of the seminar series «Pro Business" channel «Pro Money" is dedicated to the popular idea of ??opening an online store.

Leading channel considered all aspects of the problem and found the price issue, along with invited guests: Kopaneva Gregory, CEO of the studio "Uma", dedicated to the development site, as well as Sasha's Andrew, Director of Development e-shop «Omstore».

The basic idea, which started the discussion, is that an online store, as opposed to the usual, there can be no office, no warehouse, no staff involved - but not without a website with a unique design, and that this item should be first on the agenda of the project began.
How to open online store

Advantages of business ideas:

  •     the ability to keep prices low by saving on the retail space and staff salaries;
  •     relatively low start-up costs compared to a conventional store;
  •     clock work (it's not about taking orders, and how to view products);
  •     convenience store management.


  •     Not every product is possible to sell via the Internet (eg, tobacco);
  •     require some technical knowledge of Internet technology and online advertising;
  •     high competition and low profitability in the most hyped product groups;
  •     the possible lack of confidence on the part of buyers due to the virtuality of the buying process.
Regarding the choice of commodity group, then there is a definite factor in the price: the buyer is easier to spend in a virtual purchase amount from 1 to 20 thousand rubles, depending on income, but on the more expensive items he would like to have a real guarantee of return in offline store .
The cost structure for an online store is divided into:
  •     The cost of online (online).
  •     The cost of offline (offline).
  •     Regular monthly expenses.

Costs include online, in dollars:

  •     buy domain and hosting (domain level 2, namely, though perhaps third, if the store will be in the company-producer) - 20;
  •     Hosting (pay per year) - 100;
  •     development of "engine" for the site - from 2 to 5 thousand, depending on the complexity of the city, businesses, etc.

Costs beyond the Internet:

  •     organizational expenses (registration of legal person, company or entrepreneur, the collection of documents) - 500-700;
  •     purchase of computer equipment - 1500-2000;
  •     installation of local area networks and equipment - 100-200;
  •     installation / configuration software - 100.

Monthly costs:

  •     accounting services, accounting for the tax, etc. - 200;
  •     Rent for office space (if necessary) - 500;
  •     charges for telephone and Internet access - 200;
  •     Ads Yandex, Rambler - 140-300;
  •     other ad - 100;
  •     support and development of the site - 100;
  •     office expenses - 200.

As for content, this is one of the most effective ways of promotion and promotion of the online store. The Internet service is best known products Yandex Market, where you need to place product offerings, and they will show up in the categories of goods, which registered store. Advertising, paid and free, such as regular links search engines (although it is relatively free, as is required for search engines optimization, that is, the costs of experts), - a guarantee that the site will be visited.

How many people need to work? As noted in an interview Gregory Kopanev, many shops, for which his company has been developing websites maintained by one standard unit - by the owner. At the same time the number of daily orders from 5 to 10, the balance is positive. Of the failures is not insured, not only small, but anyone, even a running project - about 20-30% of the established shops have closed, unable to withstand competition.

Leading the workshop, summarizing, gave examples of possible options for the organization of the shop.

For a small, new project, only three people: Administrator, Director of the driver to deliver goods from the warehouse, as well as the system administrator or programmer (control and configure the site). As mentioned above, that all these functions on the forces himself to the owner.

For medium-sized shop, working the first year, with the terms of buyers, but a little can bring profitability of three employees, with payment of their salaries: the administrator (support for customers and orders, marketing, finance), storekeeper (order processing, replenishment of stock); driver.

For a great online store needs a director who has been supporting the project, and to the rest of the state can say that it is stable in composition and can only be increased quantitatively. As for the delivery of goods to customers is better to conclude a contract with the option "Skorokhod" and redirect them to orders.

In conclusion, Sasha Andrew, Director of Development e-shop, shared experiences and gave some advice. So, shop Omstore 50% of the profits from the sale of books and CDs, and 50 - from niche products. To motivate customers, held shares, provided bonuses and gifts. Care should be taken of how the site is: of course, the customer, primarily focused on low price, but the second - on the site design shop. If the interface is not clear or long loading page - he goes to a competitor. And, of course, important correctness, speed and quality of service - then the customer base is not lost.

Quick money should not be expected. Shop Omstore for 3 years, and the owners came in, plus profit - but not paid off. As the director said, such a result they are not worried about: the main goal was to take the appropriate niche, create a name, and then later convert it into a cash equivalent.