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In the judgment of May 5 this year, the judges discussed that "while it can be legitimate that, even in those cases by which the admission of a precautionary measure exhausted the subject of your primary claim, the Supreme Courtroom of Justice Nation pointed out that you can not rule out the positioning of your asked for injunction for concern of incurring prejudgment, when you will find grounds to impose issued around the naturel of your ask for (because "Acosta Camacho, Maximinus do / Gravi Graf SRL and other" , Do.2348.XXXII of 08/07/97), this is certainly not the hypothesis introduced from the species, given the nature-essentially short-imposed course of action. "

Adhering to the higher than, the appellate judges made a decision to confirm the choice appealed.

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Even so, those same Electoral look at the fact that a citizen is to vote sporting a green shirt having a communication for that manifeste university is usually a campaign of propaganda, and because of this is usually a crime Election of Art. LOREG 144.

Meanwhile, candidates from a variety of political get-togethers, some so substantially for the reason that President of your Balearic Islands, have dared to request a vote on Tv the day of your election. Even mediating denunciation of rival get-togethers, the Electoral Board of Mallorca has not understood this action is usually a campaign and never constituting an offense of 144 electoral LOREG.

As a final point, as we all know, artwork. LOREG 145 prohibits publishing surveys after a particular day of your campaign and likewise punished with imprisonment who breaches this obligation. An absurd rule, among numerous in these days. Which won't indicate to call attention to particular newspapers or editors fail to comply markedly, exhibiting lack of respect for that rule and never miss something.

The rules in 2011, at the very least in accordance with our electoral boards are summarized from the subsequent: # anchopamĀ­ (ie for that Condition towards the Church, for bankers from the state, for political asset for that media powerful editors for celebrities) and # ojodeunaagujapati (ie for that ordinary citizen). We'll see how this story stops, but for now, while using current background of Spanish electoral boards (eg, camping while using 15-M) you can assume something from these men and women. And no, without a doubt, excellent.

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